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Winter seems to be particularly vicious this year, bringing frigid temperatures, harsh conditions, and plenty of other challenges for drivers. Fortunately, our service team here at Paddock Chevrolet has your back. With our highly-trained staff and up-to-date equipment, we can help your vehicle stay strong through bitter cold and treacherous roads so you can drive with confidence as you move forward towards spring.

Here are a few of our service tips to help make this winter go by smoothly:

1.) Bring your vehicle in for a battery test
A weak car battery can sometimes sneak by in warmer weather, but winter has a tendency to sap whatever life is left, potentially stranding you out in the cold. Let our team take a look and run a voltage test to make sure your battery is up to snuff. We can replace it if necessary.

2.) Pay special attention to your tires
Air pressure in your tires tends to take a fall when temperatures drop. You need your tires to have enough air so your vehicle can operate at peak efficiency and provide better handling, so be sure to check your tires periodically to make sure their pressure levels adhere to those listed in your owner’s manual. Now is also a great time to switch over to winter tires.

3.) Keep your fluids fresh and topped off
Set up an appointment with our service center and we can perform an oil change, check your fluids, and top off any fluids that are low. This will help the various systems in your vehicle function better so you will be less likely to run into trouble as you traverse snow, icy roads.

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